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electrical contacts

Electrical Contacts

Electrical contacts are an important part of the switch. With the help of the conductivity of the electrical contacts, they play a high-quality switch between the operator and the product. The electrical contacts are mainly used in the film switching of hard board such as printed circuit board

battery contact

Battery Contacts

The battery contact plate of battery is usually made of alloy material because of its electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and easy welding. battery contacts are often assembled of the contact plates and springs, we provide one stop store service for all custom battery contact springs.

electrical contacts

Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping is an important metal part of electronic components, which usually plays the role of conduction, switch, clamping, resonance and so on. The shapes are mostly S-shaped, C-shaped, round, Z-shaped, spoon shaped, etc. 

metal u clips

Metal u clips

U clips, u clip fasteners is u shaped metal spring clip, it’s a kind of flat springs that usually used as fixtures or brackets.Some u clips, u clip fasteners is hard to manufacture by metal stamping machine but very easy by our fourslide / multislide machine and custom u clips according to your drawings.

metal stamping

Metal Stamping

Progressive metal stamping can improves productivity by auto multiple steps including stamping, blanking, piercing and forming. Our progressive stamping could up to 300 strokes per minute. fulfilling complex, high volume stamping orders for the electronics, automotive, medical and aerospace markets.

spring wire forms

Springs Wire Forms

Some electrical contacts and battery springs are assembled by contact plats and springs / wire forms. Wire forms are different from normal springs, there are many bending and angles, so that wire forms require manufacturing and processing technology. we provide the one-stop-shop solution for our customers.

About Electrical Contact

Fourslide Electrical contact is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of custom electrical contact clips, battery contact plate, battery springs, precision stamping parts.

We have been specializing in custom electrical contacts for more than 10 years, Custom metal stamping capabilities with the range of sizes up to 10″ x 10″ (flat) with thicknesses from .005″ to .1″.

Our products have exported to worldwide with high quality, cheap price as well as the location advantage which both only half an hour to Xiamen Port and Air port.

Our Capabilities

Precision Metal Stamping
Electrical contacts normally are small metal parts, which require higher precise tolerance to well function. precision metal stamping is more efficiency for production as the piercing and forming are done within same tooling same time.

Four-Slide / Multi-Slide Stamping
Four-slide Multi-slide is an ideal way for electrical contacts, battery contact springs. which could save the cost for both material and tooling.

Springs and Wire Forms
Some electrical contacts and battery springs are assembled by contact plats and springs / wire forms. we provide the one-stop-shop solution for our customers.

What we provide

Metal Stamping Solution

We provide a whole solution for electrical contacts and battery springs from metal forming to surface treatment like copper plated, nickle plated. we also provide manual secondary assembly if needed.


We guarantee all our custom precision stamping parts are manufactured comply with all specifications and standards required by our customers.


We know the production lead time is as important as quality. we focus on the on time delivery to win out of the competitive global markets.

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/TS 16949/SGS of electrical contacts

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