Metal U shaped Clips
Metal U shaped Clips

Metal u clips, u shaped spring clips

Metal U clips, u clip fasteners is u shaped metal spring clip, it’s a kind of flat springs that usually used as fixtures or brackets. Some u clips, u clip fasteners is hard to manufacture by metal stamping machine but very easy by our fourslide / multislide machine and custom u clips according to your drawings.

U shaped clip is widely used as fastener in various manufacturing industries. We could control the strength, hardness of the u clips that will perfect suitable for your assembly requirement. also with cheaper unit price and tooling cost due to our fourslide technology.

Metal U Clip Fasteners are common metal fasteners that mainly used to firmly connect two objects together. Metal U-shaped clamp fasteners are usually made of metal materials, such as steel, stainless steel, etc., which have high strength and durability. It is shaped like the letter “U” and allows two objects to be placed inside a U-shaped groove and then fixed by clamping the two arms of the U-shape. This type of fastener is often used in applications where two objects need to be joined quickly and easily, such as wires, pipes, plates, etc.

Metal U-clamp fasteners are available in a variety of sizes and sizes to suit different application needs. Its advantages include quick installation, high-strength fixation, and good durability. In addition, the metal U clip fastener can also be configured with different accessories according to the need, such as rubber gaskets, metal gaskets, screws, etc., to enhance its fixing effect and adaptability.

Material of Metal U Clips:

Spring steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel alloy, phosphor bronze, ect.

Equipment of Metal U Clamp:

Stamping press, fourslide / multislide machine.

Application of Metal U Clips:

Electrical contacts, battery connectors, mobile electronic components, fixture retainers, led lighting, ect.