Hole Tube Lock Spring Metal U V Clip Fasteners

Metal U Clip Fasteners

The Hole Tube Lock U V Clip Fasteners is a metal fastener used to secure or connect components such as pipes, fittings, etc. They are typically made from high quality steel (e.g., 65Mn spring steel) and are characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. Through their unique U-shaped or V-shaped design, these clamping elements can be tightly locked on the pipe or fitting to ensure the stability and tightness of the connection.

Product features:
High strength: Manufactured from high quality steel to withstand high tensile and pressure.
Corrosion resistance: the surface is specially treated (e.g. galvanized, nickel plated, etc.) and has good corrosion resistance.
Easy installation: reasonable design, easy and fast installation, no need for complex tools and equipment.
Good tightness: it can be tightly locked on the pipe or pipe fitting to prevent liquid or gas leakage.
Strong adaptability: applicable to the connection of pipes and pipe fittings of different diameters and materials.

Field of application:
These clamping parts are widely used in automobile, machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, building and other fields, especially in the pipeline system that needs to withstand high pressure, high temperature or corrosive media, and are indispensable and important components.

V-shaped shrapnel is a common metal elastic element, usually made of high elastic materials such as stainless steel and nickel alloy. It has a U-shaped cross-section and can provide greater elasticity and resilience, so it is widely used in various situations that require shock absorption, cushioning, and sealing.
The working principle of U-shaped shrapnel is to absorb energy or provide sealing by bending and restoring deformation. When external forces act on U-shaped shrapnel, it undergoes bending deformation, absorbs energy, and reduces impact. When the external force disappears, the V-shaped shrapnel will return to its original state and regain its elastic effect.

The characteristics of metal U-shaped shrapnel include:
High elasticity: Metal V-shaped shrapnel has good elasticity and recovery performance, which can provide greater elasticity and recovery force.
Corrosion resistance: U-shaped shrapnel is usually made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and nickel alloy, which can adapt to various harsh environments.
Easy to install: The U-shaped shrapnel has a simple structure and is easy to install and maintain.
Long lifespan: Due to the strong durability and fatigue resistance of v-shaped shrapnel materials, their service life is longer.
The application range of U-shaped shrapnel is very wide, including but not limited to the following areas:
Shock absorber: used to reduce the vibration and impact of mechanical equipment.
Sealing element: used to seal containers, pipelines, etc., to prevent gas or liquid leakage.
Connector: used to connect two objects or components, providing cushioning and shock absorption.
Spring: used to provide elasticity and restoring force, such as in seats, doors, and other items to play a returning role.