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electrical contacts

Electrical Contacts

Electronic contact plate plays an important role in industrial. it is thin, uniform, light and strong. it mainly conducts electricity. the stable resilience of electrical contact and long service life are used to provide high quality tactile feedback to operators.

battery contact

Battery Contact Plate

Battery contact plates are often said to be battery shrapnel or battery connecting spring clips, they are a kind of hardware shrapnel that assembled by springs and metal clips. all the contact plates are pressed and formed by our metal stamping machine or fourslide machine.

electrical contacts

Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping process has high production efficiency, easy operation, long product life, wide range of production, low labor intensity, and easy to realize mechanization for electrical contacts clips.

spring wire forms

Springs Wire Forms

Some electrical contacts and battery contact springs are assembled by contact plats and springs / wire forms. we provide the one-stop-shop solution for our customers.

Customer Services

We have been providing custom electrical contacts, battery contact springs, precision metal stamping, springs and wire forms manufacturing and producing services for more than 10 years. We value our customers' requirement very much, will supply you with products that exceed your quality, service and delivery expectation. We will make your purchasing convenient and cost effective. Let's establish business and save your money today.

Products Showcase

Electrical Contacts (1)

Custom Stainless Steel Electrical Contacts Parts

Custom Stainless Steel Electrical Contacts feature: Highly customized: unique design and manufacturing according to customer specific needs and application scenarios. Whether it is shape, size, contact mode or performance parameters,Continue…
Electrical Contacts (2)

Metal Stamping Parts For Electrical Switches Contacts

The materials for electronic contact pieces can be selected from different metals or alloys according to specific application requirements. Common electronic contact piece materials include copper, silver, stainless steel, etc.Continue…
Electrical Contacts (1)

Brass Copper Electrical Contacts Manufacturer

The materials of electronic contact pieces vary depending on their usage. Common materials include copper electrical contact pieces, silver contact pieces, and alloy contact pieces. Copper contact pieces have goodContinue…
Electrical Contacts (2)

Custom Sizes Electrical Contacts Manufacturer

Custom Sizes Electrical Contacts feature the following: Precise adaptability: provide accurate matching dimensions according to the unique space and structure requirements of specific equipment or system, realize perfect installation andContinue…

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